OFT Renovations


We’ve previously shared a few updates about our projects in Philadelphia, PA, and this is one of our biggest updates so far:

Part of a multi-phase project, we recently completed the main courtyard (here), and the second phase fitness wing is about to begin (here), and now we’re excited to share some awesome interior renderings of the lobby and amenity spaces! As with the earlier fitness center, our goal was to create spaces within spaces and de-emphasize and subvert the rigidity of the original building’s precast concrete module. However, rather than a raw, exposed aesthetic  we are creating a more refined, warm, contemporary space with various wood and tile finishes. Expected Completion 2017.


View from street-side entrance


A new fireplace


Concierge and custom desk


Tech and Business Lounge


Rentable Amenity Room






Contemporary Fitness Center


With the exterior courtyard in construction, Derek Bloom Architects is hard at work on developing concepts for the One Franklin Town resident fitness center.

The existing building is a 20-story precast concrete tower, with a repetitive and controlled structural grid. Our proposed design seeks to break away from the regularity of this grid and to create new spaces-within-spaces through the use of non-rectilinear geometries that wrap floor, wall, and ceiling. To bring a new contemporary aesthetic to One Franklin Town, we have stripped the space down to its concrete walls, exposed its ceilings, and built it back up with simple finishes: hexagonal tiles, vibrant paint, and  suspended drywall ceilings. The most significant and most challenging proposal has been to cut new passage ways through the massive concrete walls that support the building, in order to create greater connectivity and transparency throughout the fitness center. To be built in rolling phases, the next phase will be to renovate the remainder of the first floor, including entry lobbies, concierge area, resident lounge, wifi lounge, function room, and offices.

See below for additional renderings


Entry corridor and new accessible lift


Fitness lounge with exposed concrete shear walls.


Updated pool with new visual connection to fitness space.


New Restaurant in the Works

160128 restaurant render

We’re excited to share an exterior rendering of a new restaurant on Mass Ave in the Central Square area of Cambridge!

The project is a gut renovation of an existing space with a large scope. Exterior work will feature a new facade and a new entry ramp for ADA accessibility, and the interior will include an entirely redesigned floor plan, bar, lounge seating area, and banquette seating in the dining room. It is anticipated the restaurant will be an American Trattoria – a casual spin on fine dining with a lively, yet laid-back atmosphere. The design is in constant progress, and even at the time of this posting, the concepts have been refined further than that of the rendering. We look forward to posting more as the design really takes shape.